Experts within public procurement

Our lawyers have long and extensive experience in public procurement

Our lawyers have long and extensive experience in public procurement and providing qualified legal advice in the private-public commercial interface.

Adviser to contracting authorities/entities and suppliers

Our procurement lawyers act as advisers to contracting authorities and entities in all procurement-related matters. We regularly assists procuring authorities and entities as well as suppliers in appeals, damage suits and reviews of the effectiveness of the contract. We offer assistance to suppliers to scrutinise the procurement documents and to formulate possible questions to the procuring authority or entity.

Our procurement lawyers are often advisers to suppliers or tenderers who want to become suppliers to the public sector in Sweden. We can help with the understanding of how the current procurement is done and how to apply to an administrative court to review a procurement. We also review tenders and related documents before they are submitted to the procuring authority or entity to minimise the risk of rejection or exclusion.

Our lawyers in procurement

Our procurement specialists have a background as procurement lawyers for contracting authorities and entities, as in-house legal counsels and in administrative courts. This experience gives us a special understanding of the considerations needed for a tenderers’ participation in a public procurement process.

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