General commercial law

General commercial law is a generic term for all the areas of law a company is likely to encounter in its day-to-day business. LA PARTNERS is a commercial law firm which assists both Swedish and international clients on a general basis in commercial law questions.

You can safely turn to us with all your questions. Our lawyers have broad-based commercial-law expertise, but are also specialists in a number of legal fields. What’s more, we also have a network of skilled partners with whom we collaborate. This means that we can offer our clients advice on every aspect of commercial law.

Over the years, LA PARTNERS has gained a wealth of experience through complex cases and projects, involving countless problems of many different kinds as well as contracts of the sort that are routinely encountered by companies or groups. We are very experienced in risk management and risk assessment in both purchase and sales situations. We work on an ongoing basis with our clients’ manufacturing, purchasing and delivery contracts.

Amongst the other most common types of agreement we handle are licensing and royalty agreements, service contract manufacturing agreements, OEM agreements, distribution agreements, reselling agreements, franchise agreements, various types of commission agreements, and consignment contracts.

In times of change, our wide-ranging experience can be extremely helpful in questions involving everything from outsourcing, restructuring and reorganisations to joint ventures, strategic collaborative arrangements and new industrial alliances.




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