The law firm LA PARTNERS works with all major areas of law, with a special focus on M&A, dispute resolution, real estate and construction law, public procurement and IT-related law.

We are a young and modern business law firm. The firm’s senior lawyers have many years of experience working as lawyers at large business law firms, as fiscals in courts and as in-house lawyers at large Swedish companies. LA PARTNERS conducts its business through a true partnership collaboration, where it promotes a good climate of cooperation. For the client, this means above all that matters are always handled by the person who is best suited for the assignment. One of LA PARTNERS’ great competitive advantages is the simple contact routes between the clients and the firm’s lawyers in conjunction with an active partner presence and great commitment to case management. We will always give concrete and useful advice to clients.

Our history

LA PARTNERS was founded in 2004 by the lawyer Lars Andersson. After studying at Spyken in Lund and in the law department at Lund University, Lars Andersson began his legal career with court service in Ronneby 1969-71. He then worked during the years 1971-1988 at Wickman’s law firm in Malmö. At the beginning of the 1970s, Wickman’s law firm was one of the largest and more reputable law firms in Malmö. In 1988, Lars and Dr. Philip Leman started a law firm branch in Malmö, which a few years later merged with Lagerlöfs and then the classic Advokatbyrån Lagerlöf & Leman, where Lars Andersson was after a few years appointed chairman among the shareholders.

In October 2004, Lars started his own business law firm in Malmö Börshus, which is today known as LA PARTNERS. LA PARTNERS grew rapidly, and Lars Andersson has since resigned from the group of partners in a gradual change of generation. In January 2018, the firm moved to new premises at Navigationsgatan 1A in Malmö, where business is conducted today.

Meet our people

LA Partners is a modern business-oriented law firm that not only places demands on our employees’ high legal competence. We believe that people feel best and perform at their best if you can balance work and leisure.