Dispute resolution in the enterprise world is one of LA PARTNERS’ major fields of activity. We make sure that disputes are handled in the best possible way regardless of whether this involves mediation, a court case, arbitration proceedings or ADR (alternative dispute resolution).

Litigation is one of the disciplines within the realm of law that has been most heavily influenced by the practices of the Anglo-Saxon world, even at the national level, resulting in more complicated and costly procedures within the arbitration process, but also in ordinary courts of law. A dispute therefore entails burdens and costs for a company and its staff that should never be underestimated, and safeguarding the client’s best interests often means advising against confrontation. This is a matter of course for all of us at LA PARTNERS.

However, if a conflict is the preferred option, then the choice of legal team is all the more important. If you have us standing alongside you, you will have at your disposal all the necessary experience, expertise and commitment. You will be given access to solid experience and the modern arsenal of tools needed for litigation, including everything from assistance in dealing with infringement investigations and preliminary injunctions to handling large volumes of information and accessing the latest presentation technology during the main proceedings.

Meet our people

LA PARTNERS is a modern business-oriented law firm that have high demands on our employees’ legal competence.