IT and technology

A good understanding of the business together with agreements well suited for the specific project are preconditions for successful IT- and technology projects. With fast-moving technological development, legal advisors need to have the ability to create innovative contractual solutions to fulfil the clients’ business requirements in the best possible way. The lawyers of LA PARTNERS assist clients in IT-projects such as system deliveries, software licensing and development projects as well as more traditional technology related projects such as turn-key projects in the industry and the delivery of med tech equipment, always with a high sense of business focus.


The lawyers at LA PARTNERS are very experienced in assisting clients in connection with outsourcing projects of various kinds, from facility management, invoicing, administration of salaries to complex global IT-outsourcing projects. Since the purpose of outsourcing a certain function is often to reduce cost and at the same time maintain, or increase, the quality of the outsourced function, a good agreement fit for its specific purpose is a necessity. The experience of LA PARTNERS runs through all phases of the outsourcing process, from the procurement phase to drafting agreements.

Meet our people

LA PARTNERS is a modern business-oriented law firm that have high demands on our employees’ legal competence.