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Release from liability

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Swedish Bar Association

Advokatfirman LA PARTNERS AB’s operation is subject to the rules of the Swedish Bar Association applicable to lawyers, as set out in the Charter of the Swedish Bar Association and its Guidelines on professional ethics and also the Code of Conduct issued by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe. The Charter and the ethical rules are available in Swedish and English on the Swedish Bar Association’s homepage. https://www.advokatsamfundet.se/Advokatetik/ 

Statutory rules concerning lawyers who are members of the Swedish Bar Association (advokat) 

The Code of Judicial Procedure;

read more here https://www.advokatsamfundet.se/documents 

Other regulations for lawyers who are members of the Swedish Bar Association;

read more here https://www.advokatsamfundet.se/advokatetik 

Consumer Disputes Committee of the Swedish Bar Association

The Consumer Disputes Committee of the Swedish Bar Association is a committee for alternative dispute resolution that may adjudicate in disputes concerning fees or other financial claims that a consumer directs towards a member of the Swedish Bar Association or a law firm. https://www.advokatsamfundet.se/konsumenttvistnamnden/