Arbitration Association in Southern Sweden – spring meeting and panel discussion

On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, the Arbitration Association in Southern Sweden will hold a spring meeting and panel discussion. LA PARTNERS founder lawyer Lars Andersson participates in the panel together with the President of the Court of Appeal Lennart Svensäter and the lawyers Fanny Gleiss Wilborg and Tore Wiven-Nilsson. The panel will, moderated by Magnus Bernro, discuss the theme “Are arbitral tribunals freer in their assessment than the courts?”

The panel comes i.a. to discuss and debate the following issues. A starting point for most parties and agents should be that a dispute that is decided by arbitration is also tried in accordance with applicable law. But is it obvious that arbitration tribunals apply law in the same way as the courts? Or arbitral tribunals tend to be freer in their assessment and consider other circumstances in addition to the law, such as e.g. business and ethical conditions? And if so, is it in order and can the parties influence the possibility of that happening?

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